Craig Pelkie

Craig Pelkie
Craig Pelkie

Craig Pelkie has worked as a programmer with IBM midrange computers for many years. He has also written and lectured extensively on AS/400 and iSeries technologies, including client/server programming, Client Access, Java, WebSphere and Web development. He is the owner of Bits & Bytes Programming Inc, an AS/400 consulting and development company. Craig is a popular speaker and instructor. His e-Learning classes can be found at SystemiNetwork. Craig is the author and technical editor of numerous AS/400 related training manuals and books. These manuals can be found at

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System iNetwork e-Learning

Craig's e-Learning classes are available through SystemiNetwork These e-learning classes deliver a focused, cost-effective learning environment directly to your office or home. All System iNetwork e-Classes are instructor-led, with specific schedules. This means you'll get great instructor interaction that will help you understand the concepts, at the moment you need it the most. (But if you do miss a class, our cool playback solution will help you catch up.) WebEx or Sametime is used to deliver an informative (and collaborative) online experience — you don't have to travel to a seminar in a distant city.

Classes Offered

Microsoft SQL Server for IBM i Developers
SQL Server does not have to been seen as a threat to, or replacement of, the IBM i. Instead, as you'll learn in this course, SQL Server is a great tool to use in conjunction with your IBM i. SQL Server is more than just a database; it provides a comprehensive set of tools that are designed specifically to work with relational databases. By linking SQL Server with your IBM i, you can take advantage of the tools available in SQL Server to meet your users' requirements for access to and analysis of data.
Microsoft .NET for IBM i Developers, Track 1: Getting Started with .NET, Visual Studio and connecting to your IBM i
Track 1: If you are just getting started with .NET, or if you already have some .NET development experience but need to learn how to connect to the IBM i database, start with this track. This track is a prerequisite to tracks 2 and 3. This track assumes that you have no prior experience with .NET, Visual Studio, Visual Basic and C#, but if you do have some experience, you'll find this track useful for learning about the IBM i database providers.
Microsoft .NET for IBM i Developers, Track 2: Web Development for the IBM i using ASP.NET
Track 2: A big part of the attraction of Microsoft .NET is its extensive support for web application programming. In this track, you'll use the tools and features in Visual Studio 2010 to develop web applications that display and update data on your IBM i.
Microsoft .NET for IBM i Developers, Track 3: Web Services for the IBM i using the .NET Framework
Track 3: A simple definition of web services is "web applications without a user interface". Although it may sound like web services are not that useful, web services provide an outstanding technique for communication between your applications and applications that are provided by your customers or suppliers. Web services provide a highly efficient means of querying and transferring data between systems and in many cases, should be considered as an alternative to cumbersome bulk data transfer techniques.

Code Downloads

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System iNetwork - Microsoft .NET for IBM i Developers, Track 1 - February 2011
System iNetwork - Microsoft .NET for IBM i Developers, Track 2 - March 2011
System iNetwork - Microsoft .NET for IBM i Developers, Track 3 - April 2011
System iNetwork - Microsoft .NET for IBM i Developers, Track 1 - July 2011
System iNetwork - Microsoft SQL Server for IBM i Developers, Track 1 - June 2011
System iNetwork - Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word for IBM i Developers - June 2011